Concept EV


Illustration + Design

Made for both: short distances in urban areas and longer trips in varied terrain — Its hybrid engine and efficient energy consumption system provides greater driving range and energy saving than the actual all-electric cars.

The image which illustrates the Shakelatto™ label is a CGI (3D) developed with realistic liquid simulation and texturing that represents a cup of creamy and icy Shakelatto™ ready to drink. The movement of the liquid and the floating chocolate pieces reflects the lightness of the product.  


TROY™ Concept Expedition Vehicle

FLY™ CITYCOPTER Concept Aerial Vehicle

Troy™ is a concept vehicle idealized for amateur and professional expeditions, explorations and adventures.

Electricity powered and sun rechargeable, Fly™ is less noisy, most efficient, economic and cheaper than a common helicopter.


Ethos, Society and Cultural Influence

The Human Image

A theoretical incursion willing understand the processes of constitution and transformation of ethos and societies.

This essay aims to investigate "the human image" from classical and contemporary conceptions of philosophy and anthropology.


Compartilhe o Bem is a free business-to-business relationship exchange program. As sharing is a fundamental principle of the program, for the development of the logo design, a symbol in the shape of a letter "C" was adapted to represent the classical Internet share icon. Vibrant colors vitalizes the logo and suggests the diversity of participating companies. The casual and contemporary typography aims to give dynamism to the logo, also one of the main features of the program.

Tienda de Ideas™

Tienda de Ideas is a collaborative store that supports independent producers. Eventually they promote an itinterante bazaar with product sales, gastronomic festival, artists exhibitions and live music gigs. This visual design project was conceived to promote their commemorative edition of 5-years. Firstly, the iconography was developed with elements that represents the concept of Tienda de Ideas store. Then, a pattern was designed and applied in printed and digital layouts. With simple and funny shapes in warm and vibrant colors, the festive aesthetic of the vector drawings seeks to translate the spirit of the summer event.


EXO_PLANET - Glimpses of the Outisde

A lyrical and visual sci-fi experience which illustrates the chronological sequence of primary steps on scientific and technological development for the human colonization of another world.

3D Illustration




The illustration emulates a microscopic image at the molecular level.

With a simple color palette and following the same formal principles, each icon illustrates an aspect of youthful life.

A project where the visual language explores the universe of Pâtisserie.

This comissioned series refer to the integration of the digital technologies to the activity of the librarians.