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Cricket™ is a concept e-Bike made for people who understand cycling as a healthy, practical, ecological activity and way of transportation.The fundamental characteristics of Cricket™ are the materials of its structure, and the digital technologies used to improve the experience of cycling.Most of its parts uses aluminum, titanium and carbon, granting a very resistant and light body. The seat and handlebars are covered with soft synthetic leather, which is a comfortable, durable, easy to clean and versatile when used in many weather or environment condition.


Cricket Green Side ViewCricket Green Side View


Its rear wheel has a built-in electrical engine, which can be turned on whenever cyclist wants, or may be programmed to start working only when a hill is detected on the route, optimizing the energy use and helping cyclist with extra force in most difficult moments of the way.



Cricket Green Side ViewCricket Black Side View


Cricket has an exclusive mobile application, which was conceived to increase safety and comfort of cyclists, with almost all functions controlled by voice commands and an organic configurable hud display which shows only what cyclist wants: Batteries Levels (Bike and Phone), Map with Configurable Routes, Traffic Data and Actual Localization, Compass, Weather, Clock (Analogic or Digital), Gear, Msg Center (Calls, E-mails and SMS/ Social Network Msgs Notifications), Average of Lost Calories, Velocimeter, VAM (Average Ascent Speed), Incline, Altitude and Todo List.



Cricket App OverviewCricket App Overview

Cricket App OverviewCricket App Screens: General Settings / Home / Route-Map

The application allows you to easy select when you want engine, mobile phone (or another USB gadget) battery is recharged by its recharging system.

Cricket™ App also has a function which allows the cyclist asks the application to auto starts the recharging system which Cricket™ uses the energy of its movement to recharge its own batteries only when accelerometer detects a decline.


Cricket Green Side ViewCricket Yellow Side View



Cricket™ App is free and available for iOS, Android/Windows Mobile. The dock has two USB connectors, is removable and adaptable for use with many smartphone models.



Cricket Yellow OutsideCricket Yellow Outside



For all models, there is a cheaper variation without engine, but with dock and Cricket App conectivity for digital functions and rechargeable system for smartfones and other gadgets. The electric system is all well tight and waterproof.


Cricket™ Green Wet Frontal ViewCricket Green Wet Frontal View


Cricket was conceived in four basic versions: Green, for mountain and adventure, Black, for the urban and everyday use, Grey, for long trips, and Yellow, for girls. However, all the acessories are usable with any Cricket model.


Cricket™ Gree Frontal ViewCricket Collection



General Specifications

Maximum power assistance speed 45km/h (28mph)
Recharging 5-6 hours
Range up to 60 km (37.2mi)
Battery Lithium-Ion, 36v 13.2ah
A2B Motor/ Power 500w brushless DC hub motor
Gearing 18 Speed



Cricket Grey Front View Cricket Green Back View Cricket Yellow Front View Cricket Black Back View
Cricket Grey Front View Cricket Black Outside Cricket Yellow Outside Cricket Grey Outside
Cricket Yellow Outside      

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