Visual Identity

Gâteaux à la Crème

Gâteaux à la Crème is a brand of Bárbara Rossi Patissière. The name in French is related to her strong influence from the traditional 'patissière' of that nationality (Barbara studied in the Le Cordon Bleu of Paris).

For this work were developed Logo, Graphic Pattern, Stationery, Tags, Packaging and also a Website — a full project of institutional identity design where the visual language explores the universe of 'patissière' and also translates her own influences.

The logo was made up with an original symbol that illustrates the 'Gâteaux à la Crème' itself (cake with cream) and a typography (also authentic) in organic style that refers to syrups and sweet ornaments.The colors resemble chocolate and strawberry, indispensable ingredients in the 'patissière'.

The pattern, composed with original illustrations of utensils from the classic 'patissière' in pastel colors, follows the logo applications symbolizing the softness and the delicacy of the 'french styled' products.

Custom designed for each type of candy and predominantly white, the packages brings even more lightness and values the products. Tied up with a ribbon, the tags completes the package kit by identifying the products and informing their specific ingredients.

Letterhead, envelope and business card make up the set providing a visually homogeneous material which support the communication with her customers.

More details about the website development are available here.

Logo + Graphic + Packaging Design by Eduardo Galvani ©2011.



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