Graphic Design


Produced by Yatta Nutrition™, Shakelatto™ is a chocolate powder compound with 98% less sugar.

The label design was developed for the three versions of the Adaptation Kit, which consists of 3 variations of Shakelatto™ with different amounts of sugar.

The image which illustrates the Shakelatto™ label is a CGI (3D) developed with realistic liquid simulation and texturing that represents the creamy and icy Shakelatto™ ready to drink. The movement of the liquid and the floating chocolate pieces reflect the lightness of the product.

In addition to the label layouts, for this design project were developed also the logo, the layout of the Adaptation Kit box, the promotional images for the website/online store and ads for the launch campaign on digital social media.

Design by Eduardo Galvani ©2018.


3D Illustration:

Making of:

Label Layout:

Promo Image: