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Authoral WORKS

"domesticated body, wild soul"

Digital Collage

This illustration expresses the undeniable and universal dilemma of the human condition, accentuated in modern life and constantly nourished by the ceaseless dialectic between nature and culture.


"allegory of the impossible"


Conceptual 3D illustration recalls the human appreciation about the impossibilities of reality.

This Digital Collage represents the Greek concept which means"Human".


"diamond skull"

"endless rebirth of the self"

A deadly facet of the exacerbated anthropocentrism.

A tribute to the classical painting "Birth of Venus", from italian renascentist Sandro Botticelli.




Series of illustrations (Digital Mixed Media)

Series of illustrations (Digital Collages)




Series of illustrations (Digital Collages)

Series of pictures featuring the symbolic universe of a photographic trajectory.




Series of pictures captured in the city of Florianópolis (SC-Brazil) during the 5th issue of the "Photographic Tour", under the theme "Forgotten Spaces".

Where to go next? Walking the streets of the virtual city of San Francisco in Watch_Dogs 2 is an experience as playful as heady.




A photographic incursion into virtual environments.

Series of pictures taken from virtual environments of the Uncharted 4 videogame.