Diamond Skull

Reminding the human cranium anatomy, "Diamond Skull" is a deadly facet of the exacerbated anthropocentrism, a cosmological and fetichist visual reference which symbolizes the overestimated value of an intended human condition, cultivated by some cultures, and which minimizes the value of other life forms by unknowing or ignoring their real essence.

©2017 Eduardo Galvani


Digital Collage

Size 1: 54x74 cm
Price: US$ 500,00

Size 2: 30x44 cm
Price: US$ 400,00

Size 3: 24x34 cm
Price: US$ 300,00

Fine Art Print - Frameless.
Signed and Numbered.

Colagem Digital

Formato 1: 54x74 cm
Valor: US$ 500,00

Formato 2: 30x44cm
Valor: US$ 400,00

Formato 3: 24x34cm
Valor: US$ 300,00

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