Endless Rebirth of the Self

"Endless Rebirth of the Self" is a ludic representation of essential concepts from post-modern philosophy: "the constant becoming of the life" and "the permanent evolution of the human soul". The illustration is a digital collage which recalls the classical painting "Birth of Venus", from italian renascentist Sandro Botticelli.

©2017 Eduardo Galvani


Digital Collage

Size 1: 54x74 cm
Price: US$ 500,00

Size 2: 30x44 cm
Price: US$ 400,00

Size 3: 24x34 cm
Price: US$ 300,00

Fine Art Print - Frameless.
Signed and Numbered.

Colagem Digital

Formato 1: 54x74 cm
Valor: US$ 500,00

Formato 2: 30x44cm
Valor: US$ 400,00

Formato 3: 24x34cm
Valor: US$ 300,00

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