Index of Aesthetic Adequacy™ for Environments
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(Survey still only available in brazillian portuguese)

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(1) About the research:
The development of this research is based on the assumption that environments with a higher aesthetic adequacy index tend to be considered more attractive and more pleasant by the regulars.

The Index of Aesthetic Adequacy™ may guide the development of more humanized Architectural, Decorative or Interior Design, Service and Experience projects, with a better adaptation to the aesthetic perceptions of the people, according to the degree of importance attributed to these characteristics by individuals who participated in the survey. *

The socio-anthropological relevance of this study derives from the principle that the aesthetic qualities of the social experiences of the individuals exert a great influence in the memory of their experiences, thus demonstrating of fundamental importance for the development and the human social conviviality.

* The first stage of data collection for this research was conducted between May 4 and June 20, 2017. The sampling was simple random based on the total of the Brazilian population from online form with free disclosure. The form above is collecting supplementary data.


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