Artistic Conception + Interaction Design

Catch the Bunny™

Based on the logic of the original game of reference (a board where the main character is a circle and the scenarios are composed by a matrix of squares), Catch the Bunny™ was all developed starting from the artistic conception and design of its main character: a white and fluffy rabbit.

The gameplay — which stimulates logical reasoning —, consists of adding obstacles to the scenarios in an attempt to block the rabbit's path. The less time and obstacles the user uses to capture the rabbit, the more points he earns.

By emphasizing intuitiveness and aiming the least possible interference of UI in the gameplay screens, the UX project was based on the average profile of potential users: children and school-age youths who appreciate challenges of logical reasoning.

The concealable UI elements were elaborated in cartoon style, with color palette inspired by profile of the character and to the ambiance of the levels: gardens and public squares surrounded by a lot of green.

Artistic Conception + Interaction Design by Eduardo Galvani ©2012.


Main menu screen:

Gameplay screen:

Options screen:


Promo screen: