Artistic Conception + Interaction Design

Color Matrix™

Color Matrix is a soduku style game for tablets and smartphones. The simple gameplay is based on the logic of organizing the blocks in a way that all rows and columns contain only blocks of different colors.

For this project, the UX and UI design was inspired by the artistic conception based on the principle of 'skeuomorphism', which consists of making representions of real physical things in the digital environment.

The artistic design was inspired by an electronic board game, so the original UI simulates a wooden box where the Board, Blocks and Settings Panel of the game are stored. To start the game, the user just slides the cover up. Inside the box, the interactive buttons simulate analog buttons, as well as time and score displays simulate old monochromatic green lcds.

In addition to the wooden version, an alternate skin simulating a plastic box with metal was developed in honor of Stanley Kubrick's classic film '2001, A Space Odyssey'.

Complementary images for the game promotion makes a fun simulation where the iPad really does look like a board, and the blocks become physically real.

Artistic Conception + Interaction Design by Eduardo Galvani ©2012.


Promo image:

2001 Space Odissey theme skin:

Closed box + Instructions screen:

Configuration panel active:

Promotional Ad: