UX + UI Design


Qrunem is a digital menu service for pubs and restaurants that ranges from an Order Management System to Cash Administration features.

The differential is its operating logic: To access the digital menu on the smartphone or tablet, the customer scans a QR Code available on a sticker or paper display on the table, or even on the printed menu.

The Qrunem website is designed to present the main features of the service. For this, a series of 3 simple illustrations were designed to represent the 3 steps operation in the homepage.

The homepage wireframe structure with the centralized logo and the didactic illustration divided into three independent columns allows a responsive implementation without compromising the layout appearence. The main menu can be automatically reduced for small screens.

Seeking visual harmony, the design is all based on the predominant colors of the Qrunem logo.

UX + UI Design by Eduardo Galvani ©2012.



Product details: