NIMBUS™ - Concept EV
© Eduardo Galvani

Nimbus™ is a concept electric vehicle made for both short distances in urban areas and longer trips in varied terrain. Its hybrid engine and efficient energy consumption system provides greater driving range and energy saving than the all-electric cars.

TROY™ Concept Expedition Vehicle

© Eduardo Galvani

Troy™ is a concept vehicle idealized for amateur and professional expeditions, explorations and adventures. It was conceived as a convenient solution in transportation for researchers of many knowledge areas, as biologists, geologists, archeologists, and for adventurous, nature sportists, photographers, film-makers and everyone who needs a comfortable and practical space in anywhere.

FLY™ CITYCOPTER - Concept Aerial Vehicle

© Eduardo Galvani

Most cities are builded over a very limited space. Since the modern car was invented, is easy to see that the urban traffic gets more complicated and overflowing as faster as cities and the urban population grows, and that the pollution caused by CO2 emission is letting the urban atmosphere each time worse. Thinking about this new reality, Fly™ Citycopter was conceived as a new urban aerial vehicle. Electricity powered and sun rechargeable, Fly™ is most efficient, economic and cheaper than a common helicopter.

MANATEE™ - Concept Submersible Vehicle

Apart from the incomparable beauty of seascapes and marine animals, the seabed may really hold many mysteries about life on Earth. Manatee™ is a concept personal submersible vehicle idealized for safe and confortable subaquatic explorations.

CRICKET™ - Concept e-Bike

A bicycle made for people who understand cycling as a healthy, practical, ecological activity and way of transportation. The fundamental characteristics of Cricket™ are the materials of its structure, and the digital technologies used to improve the experience of cycling.

EXO_PLANET - Glimpses of the Outisde
A Virtual Journey to Another World
© Eduardo Galvani

"Exo_Planet - Glimpses of the Outside" is a lyrical and visual sci-fi experience which illustrates the chronological sequence of primary steps on scientific and technological development for the human colonization of another world.

Virtual Photography
A photographic incursion into virtual environments

The series tells a research exercise in virtual photography. By exploring an unconventional form of interaction with the virtual reality of video games, this series of images may help the idealization of new possibilities to improve the human aesthetic experiences from the use of digital technologies of reality simulation.

'The Reinvention of Reality'

Experimental illustration for studies of composition, lighting and post-processing techniques of digital images. The image alludes to the concept of "culture" as a consequence of the human's hability to translate, to transform and to invent their own reality, both in physical and symbolic dimensions.

'Splash - Acid N’ Iced Pixels'

Conceptual illustration developed for studies of techniques on digital representation of liquid elements."Splash - Acid N 'Iced Pixels" is also a study about hyperreal imagery expression. Hiperreal expressions uses contemporary technologies to transcend the aesthetic limits of natural reality while preserving the essential aspects of natural phenomena or elements they represent.

'Science' Series

Decorative Poster Illustrations based on varied scientific concepts or subjects.


© Eduardo Galvani

Political Ghosts
(Fantasmas Políticos)

© Eduardo Galvani

ABSTRACT: This essay constitutes a theoretical exercise with the aim to understand some characteristics of a mediatic and socio-cultural phenomenon that can promote and influence the constitution and dissemination of the person’s public identity in the contemporary western democratic societies. For this, based on conceptual references of Sociology, Political Science and Philosophy, and with the perspective of these western societies where representative democracy is ruling, the analyzes seeks to show how certain conditions are established and interrelated in these societies so this phenomenon which I propose to call "political phantasmagory" may occur — and possible variations of its occurrence.

Keywords: Media, Symbolic Interactionism, Politics, Representation, Phantasmagory

RESUMO: Este ensaio constitui-se um exercício teórico na tentativa de compreender algumas características de um fenômeno midiático e sócio-cultural que pode influenciar e interferir na constituição e na disseminação da identidade pública das pessoas nas sociedades democráticas ocidentais. Para isto, a partir de alguns referenciais teóricos da Sociologia, da Ciência Política e da Filosofia, e com a perspectiva das sociedades ocidentais onde vigora o regime de democracia representativa, foram desenvolvidas algumas análises conceituais que buscam evidenciar de que modo se estabelecem e se interrelacionam nestas sociedades as condições para que este fenômeno que proponho chamar de “fantasmagoria política” possa ocorrer — e possíveis variações de sua ocorrência.

Palavras-Chave: Mídia, Interacionismo Simbólico, Política, Representação, Fantasmagoria

© Eduardo Galvani

Aspects of Writing
(Aspectos da Escrita)

© Eduardo Galvani

Abstract: "Aspects of Writing" is especially dedicated to expanding our knowledge about the notion of writing as an exclusively human form of language, considered essential for important processes of socio-cultural development of the humanities.Moreover, this analysis also allows us to broaden our understanding about the possibility of different human groups to conceive and to attribute different meanings to their own existence as a reflection of the reciprocal influence between the form of origin, the modes of transformation and the development of languages, culture and social organization.

Keywords: Writing, Cultural Studies, Languages

“Aspectos da Escrita” é especialmente dedicado a expandir o conhecimento sobre a noção de escrita enquanto forma exclusivamente humana de linguagem considerada essencial para importantes processos de desenvolvimento sócio-cultural das humanidades. Além disso, esta análise permite ainda ampliar a compreensão acerca da possibilidade de diferentes grupos humanos conceberem e atribuírem significados distintos à própria existência enquanto reflexo da influência recíproca entre a forma de origem, os modos de transformação e o desenvolvimento das linguagens, da cultura e da organização social.

"Vulto" © Eduardo Galvani

The Human Image
(A Imagem Humana)

© Eduardo Galvani

Abstract: This essay constitutes a preamble, a “theoretical walk” with the aim to investigate some perspectives of historical constructions of the human image from classical and contemporary conceptions of philosophy and anthropology.

Keywords: Human Image, Imagetic, Humanity, Humankind, Symbolism, Perspectivism, Naturalism.

Este ensaio consiste em um preâmbulo, um breve “passeio teórico” com o propósito de investigar algumas perspectivas de construções históricas da imagem humana a partir de concepções clássicas e contemporâneas da antropologia e da filosofia.Deste modo, a noção de imagem humana será explorada aqui com base em algumas das importantes formulações filosófico-antropológicas que ilustram o que se compreende na contemporaneidade pela ideia de “humanidade” — considerando tanto as dimensões físicas e biológicas quanto as dimensões simbólicas e culturais deste conceito —, em relação com teorias desenvolvidas sobre o conceito de “imagem”.

© Eduardo Galvani

Index of Aesthetic Adequacy™ for Environments
(Índice de Adequação Estética para Ambientes)

© Eduardo Galvani

This research is based on the assumption that environments with a higher Aesthetic Adequacy Index tend to be considered more attractive and more pleasant by the regulars. The Index of Aesthetic Adequacy™ may guide the development of more humanized Architectural, Decorative or Interior Design, Service and Experience projects with a better adaptation to the aesthetic perceptions of the people, according to the degree of importance attributed to these characteristics by individuals who participated in the survey. *

The socio-anthropological relevance of this study derives from the principle that the aesthetic qualities of the social experiences of the individuals exert a great influence in the memory of their experiences, thus demonstrating of fundamental importance for the development and the human social conviviality.

* The first stage of data collection for this research was conducted between May 4 and June 20, 2017. The sampling was simple random based on the total of the Brazilian population from online form with free disclosure. The actual form is collecting supplementary data.

"Anthropos" © Eduardo Galvani

Ethos, Society and Cultural Influence

© Eduardo Galvani

Abstract: Based on an analysis of the effects of racism on Brazilian socio-cultural reality, this essay proposes a theoretical incursion willing understand how the dynamics of culture can promote the human differentiation and influence the constitution and the transformations of ethos and societies. The concept of "mutual incorporation" was developed here in order to represent the fundamental aspect of this phenomenon.

Keywords: Racism, Society, Ethos, Culture, Mutual Incorporation.

A partir de uma análise sobre os efeitos do racismo na realidade sócio-cultural brasileira, este ensaio propõe uma incursão teórica no intuito de compreender de que maneiras a cultura pode promover a diferenciação dos humanos e influenciar na constituição e na transformação do ethos e das sociedades. O conceito de "incorporação mútua" foi desenvolvido aqui com o objetivo de representar um aspecto fundamental deste fenômeno.

Palavras-chave: Racismo, Sociedade, Ethos, Cultura, Incorporação Mútua.

"Significados da Existência" © Eduardo Galvani

Meanings of the Existence
(SIGNIFICADOS DA EXISTÊNCIA - Linguagem, Cultura e Transformação Social)

© Eduardo Galvani

Abstract: This essay represents a theoretical effort to increase the understanding about how relations between culture and language can influence the social development.

Keywords: Cultural Anthropology, Symbolism, Interpretivism.

Através deste ensaio, proponho uma breve análise da interdependência entre aspectos culturais e a dinâmica social de algumas sociedades indígenas no intuito de identificar possíveis "elos", estágios “evolutivos” ou “transformativos” da linguagem e da cultura humana que podem demarcar uma possível condição de transição entre sociedades com escrita e sem escrita, além de ampliar a compreensão acerca da possibilidade de diferentes grupos humanos conceberem e atribuírem significados distintos à própria existência enquanto reflexo da influência recíproca entre os modos de desenvolvimento cultural e de organização e transformação socal.

"Entrelaçamentos Simbólicos" © Eduardo Galvani
Symbolic Interlacements - And the notion of Identity

© Eduardo Galvani

Through this essay, I try to understand some aspects of the modes of symbolic appropriation and representation that may influence the process of human’s individual identity constitution in different historical and socio-cultural contexts. The notion of 'symbolic interlacements' is proposed and developed here by representing a key feature of this process, as exemplified within the text.

Através deste ensaio, busca-se compreender alguns aspectos dos modos de apropriação e de representação simbólica que podem influenciar no processo de constituição das identidades dos indivíduos humanos em diferentes contextos históricos e sócio-culturais. A noção de “entrelaçamentos simbólicos” é formulada e desenvolvida aqui por representar uma característica fundamental deste processo, conforme exemplificado no texto.

"The banality of the banality of evil." A thrift store painting vandalised then redonated to the thrift store. © Banksy
Significance and Reality

© Eduardo Galvani

Esta análise pretende investigar a possibilidade de diferentes formas de significância do mundo real, considerando o princípio antropológico de relativismo cultural, características científicas da subjetividade humana e fatores históricos com possível influência nos modos contemporâneos ocidentais, individuais e coletivos de interpretar a realidade.

Cenário do filme Blade Runner

The Human Performance

© Eduardo Galvani

Neste ensaio, proponho uma análise contemporânea da condição humana a partir do paradoxo existencialista de afastamento e aproximação entre o ser humano e a sua natureza em função do materialismo histórico. O texto tem por principais referências teóricas o filme Blade Runner, de Ridley Scott, o clássico conto Frankstein, de Mary Shelley, e o texto Antropologia do Ciborgue - As Vertigens do Pós-Humano, de Donna Haraway, Hari Kunzru e Tomaz Tadez.